9 SEO Techniques That Work In 2019

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Here I am sharing top 9 SEO techniques that will work in 2019 and coming years. Before starting to talk about a technique I  must say there are three main things we should always focus.

  1. Content
  2. Building Links
  3. On-page Factors

 If you want to get organic traffic through a search engine. You should always focus on above three pillar things. Here is the top list which we should always focus on Search engine optimization.

9 SEO techniques that work in 2019

1. User behavior For Your Website

The first step is to analysis your website visitors, how the user behaving with your website, which web page getting most views, bounce rate,  page navigation, page flow, etc.

2. Page speed time

Analysis of the page speed and load time of your website. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights tool and GTmetrix for analysis your website speed and you can improve it by tool suggestion, like compress image size, browser leverage caching, etc.

3. Bring traffic to your site

Bring traffic to your website by Google paid campaign, social media referral traffic, etc. Getting traffic with good ctr can make a ranking signal.

4. Make a good strategy

Start a campaign with a proper strategy like for building backlink create a guest blog on high authority and relevant website, optimize your internal links, make a pillar content and supportive content with it. Repair your broken links etc.

5. Being opportunistic

Make keywords research with low competitive and good search volume. You can use Google keyword planner, Semrush, Ubersuggest, etc.

6. Redirected 404 pages

Having too many 404 error pages is bad for SEO. Make a redirect to the main page which is ranking already or on the home page. You can redirect by .htaccess code.

7. Optimize Your Site Contents

Improve your site content, publish new content with keywords research, update your old contents, delete unusual content from your website. Make interlinking with your internal web pages.

8. Have SEO friendly CMS

Use SEO friendly CMS for your website, Your website cms should have good navigation structure, lightweight, social media integrated, breadcrumb enables, AMP, etc.

9. Make an HTML/XML site map

Create HTML/XML sitemap for your website. Make Html sitemap for users and sitemap XML for Google bot.

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