6 Ways of Draining Money on SEO With Half Knowledge

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Half Knowledge is always dangerous- not only in general life but in search engine optimization too.

Investing money in SEO without knowledge can be very costly without any achieving result.

SEO is the process of optimizing the website for the search engine- in simple word. Its require lots of time and other resources to achieve your result in search engine.

SEO is not like a paid advertisement where you start your campaign and pay money for each click. In SEO here hidden cost and other challenges are there.

But in SEO once you got your spot in SERP, You are a winner and this is better anyway than a paid advertisement. Some time many company or person invest lots of money but they are not able to generate any ROI from SEO.

6 Ways of Draining Money on SEO With Half Knowledge

Here are 6 reasons why people or company wasting their Money on SEO With Half Knowledge.

  1. Without Specific Goals

You can not achieve any things without setting a specific goal. You should know about what is your target to achieve within a particular time span. Suppose if you have set a target to achieve 1000+ page view in the first month. So you should be around at the end of the month.

You can set up a goal for building high authority links, Producing high-quality content, on-page optimization, etc.  

  1. Working Without a Plan

Start working without makes any plan can make you fail in an SEO campaign.

If you star without any plan you will get stuck at some point. So make a proper plan first before starting an SEO campaign.

Make a plan for keywords, link building strategy, and content development, etc

  1. Don’t understand the nature of business

Understanding the nature of business is the most important thing before starting the SEO campaign, If an SEO person or SEO agency is good in selling a t-shirt, they may be not good in making the lead in education. So it’s important to have understood the nature of business first.

  1. Not Having a Content writer team

As you know Content is King For SEO.

7 Main Reasons to Focus on Quality Content

If you are not proving good content to your target audience your SEO campaign will fail.

Building links and other on-page activity is not enough for SEO. You have to publish new content on a regular basis.

You must have invested your money in content strategy.

  1. Practicing Outdated Strategies

Practicing an old strategy and tactics can waste your lots of money and time.

Doing old school link building strategy can heart your SEO plan. Making backlinks from forum, directory, Profile linking from the unrelated site can harm your SEO plans


  1. Paying for Tools and Technology You Don’t Know

Never purchase SEO tools or online selling techniques which you don’t know.

Suppose I am purchasing a tool for links building and not aware of how to do a competitor analysis and other things and its waste of money and energy.

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